Prudent ways to Select the Best Car rental Service

When you are in Dubai it is important that you just figure out which are the places you would like to visit. The first thing you should know is whether this is the official visit or a leisure trip. If it’s a leisure trip then perhaps you will get a chance to go to so many places


in Dubai. If you are visiting the place for the first time then it would be important to get the idea about car rental too. This is because by renting the car you will actually get the basic idea about which places you would visit. Just check out the options for Car Hire in Dubai and as soon as you get access to these things you can decide that what your budget is and how you need to take up things in the right ways.

Take up apt planning about your trip

Car rental is a good way to save your costs. You can’t buy a car just for the trip. If you have some friends in Dubai then you can request them to give you the car for a day or two. But in that they will have to adjust their routines. So, this would not be quite fair on your part. So, just make way for something that is practical and good for all.

If you are thinking to take up Car Lease option in Dubai then your main focus should be to come across something that is with in your range and that has perfect service for you. The company should be clear with the terms and conditions too. You should choose a reputable company that has proved with its expert services and work. The vehicle should be good as well. These are basic things that you should keep in mind.


The quote can help you take the final decision

If you are going to select a car service from a few then the main focus should be which car rental service is good and which falls within your budget. By getting such solutions you can actually make your task perfect by all means. On a leisure trip you should think to take up Car Rental In Dubai. This will really reduce your hassles when you have to move to multiple places on a day.

For getting access to the best Car Rental service in Dubai you need to search for the reviews first. As soon as you get the idea about which company is good you will be able to find the best solutions. So, don’t think much. Just stay in touch with something that will really give you perfect help. You should talk to the customer service department of the company if you have any doubts or issues in regards to the terms of the company. Online options can help you in getting the right decisions and so just be careful and select something best for you.



5 Steps for Renting a Car In A New Country

Renting or leasing a car in a remote location is a tedious and complex process. However, if you rent a car Dubai monthly with some steps, it will make your transportation requirement easier.

Step # 1 – Study The Routes And Your Requirements

  • You must first note down the business or leisure destinations of the city which is included in your trip.

Toyota Yaris

  • Now, you can use Google map/YouTube videos or ask a local travel agency to calculate the distance, associated cost, and other minor things like the best routes to avoid traffic.
  • Once you are virtually aware of the route, you must search for a travel agency to find the best car apt for your driving. You also need to remember the boot space and the leg space before choosing a car.

Step # 2 – Prepare Your Documents

  • You will need a copy of all important documents like driving license, travel documents, and passport/visa.
  • You can arrange these documents and keep it in a separate folder with a label for quick identification purpose.
  • Many countries require a translated copy of these documents (if your native language is not English).
  • A certified travel agency will keep these documents and mark them to be used for verification purpose only. It helps to avoid any unnecessary delay during the rental process.

Step # 3 – Confirm The Payment And Deposit Details

  • It is important to confirm the payment and deposit terms beforehand.
  • A professional travel agency will provide full details of the associated cost beforehand with no hidden charges or surprise
  • You must also get an insurance cover as part of the rental policies.

Step # 4 – Ask For Freebies

  • Yes, it’s your right to ask for additional freebies like free delivery and pick-up services from the airport or designated location.

Step # 5 – Hire a Reputed Provider Only

  • It is important to hire a reputed provider only which can provide discount offers. It must have a flexible cancellation policy and should not charge you extra apart from the quoted prices.
  • You must know the traffic rules and regulations of the country.
  • So, if you want to know how to rent a car in a new country or location, you can check out this guide.

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A Short Guide On Tradition And Culture Of Dubai

Dubai is an exceptionally beautiful place with an alluring and unique culture. In case, this facts tempts you to get a small glimpse of its shine as a traveler, here is a write-up that will take you a little closer. First and foremost thing, if you need to understand the impulse of this place a day or a week wouldn’t be enough. You will need atleast 2-3 weeks to experience explore it from one corner to another and get a close view of reality. So, it will be a good idea to find a cheap monthly car rental service in Dubai before starting the tour and use 6 simple steps to rent a car in Dubai. You will be surprised to know that there are sample numbers of Dubai based car rental service providers that allow tourists and explorers to rent a car in Dubai at the most pocket friendly prices.

Now, moving on back to our story, there are a few things that you should know about the culture and traditions of a place before you visit it. It takes several generations to build unique culture and tradition, so make sure you respect the integrity when show no disrespect to it in any manner. Dubai gets its name from a swarm of locusts and it came into existence somewhere around 1095. However, it was finally established in year 1833 by a royal man named Sheikh Maktoum Bin Buti al Maktoum. DUbai has been functional under the Al Maktoum dynasty since then  and still stands as a constitutional monarchy till date. It was but under the British rule for a small period of time but took back its independence in 1971. It is one of the biggest UAE cities and 80 percent of its residents are from other places like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines, India, and so forth. The main religion of this place is Islam and the most common language here is Arabic. The local dialects, however, include Hindi, English, Urdu, as well as Persian. The currency used here is UAE Dirham.

Like any other place, Dubai has its own dressing code where men adorn long, white ankle length robes known as konduras and women wear long black ankle length robes called abayas. Women are supposed to abide by strict dress codes that include burkas. The tradition is now taking a relaxation as more and more people are getting educated and understanding the language of liberalization. Dubai also has strict laws against alcohol consumption in public and you also need permit for its consumption in your own premises. Dubai is basically a dry state.

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7 Smart Tips to Save Money on Your Overseas Trip

Raise your hands if you are the one who loves travelling. But, money is the biggest barrier between you and your passion. Of course, travel in abroad is an expensive venture that is just like unobtainable goal for a common man. Well, don’t be upset because it is difficult to plan a trip under the budget but not impossible. So, you can save money on your travel. Surprised? How can you do this? It is very simple, just need to consider few tips.

Here are 10 simple intelligent tips that will help you to keep your savings in pocket.

  1. Determine the destination-

It is better that you make a perfect plan and work according to it. Do proper research about the city and make a list of destination, which you want to explore. It will save you from any confusing situation and you can easily plan your schedule.

  1. Wisely book airfare-

Book your flight tickets 50-100 days before the date of your trip. The cost of airfare varies day by day of the week and high in the weekends. So, it is good that you arrange your tickets in advance.

  1. Use the right plastic card-

If you use the wrong card to pay bills in foreign country, then you will pay extra transaction fee on every swipe. So, make sure that you bring the credit card of bank that allows you to use it to use anywhere, without cutting extra amount.

  1. Do research for accommodation-

Hotels can break your bank and it is the one of biggest expenses of trip. You can choose guest house or rental properties as a different option. These places will cost less and give you a comfortable place to stay.

  1. Use car rentals-

Hire or rent a car during travel is the best option as compared to using taxi services. Taxi services cut extra charges for waiting and it is little exhausting to travel in a taxi.

Car leasing Dubai can give you a relief, and you are free to go anywhere. Also, it allows you to take as much time as you want at any place. You can also get special offer which are providing these companies.

You can search many companies, which offer car rental in Dubai and hire them for a better trip. These companies also have some rental requirements which must be fulfilled by you during car rental.

  1. Avoid to shop more-

At the new place, you will definitely find a number of attractive products. But, you have to control yourself from shop useless. It can spoil your set budget. So, it is best that delete shopping from your list.

  1. Take advantage of Facebook-

This is the time where social media can do a big help. Just follow travel page to get updates of attractive travel offers and updates. All these pages can help you to snatch up the big discounts.

Apart from all these 7 points, just follow locals. Do as they do, it will help you to save money and give a chance to get up close with a city.

So, whenever you plan your next overseas trips, go with all these simple hacks and save a big amount of money on travel.

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Why Should One Rent A Car?

Renting any car or vehicle is a beneficial option available for everyone who is in need of it and can’t afford to buy one. Earlier, the car rental or hire companies were not so popular at the time when they were set up. It wasn’t a very famous industry even after 5 to 8 years of its birth. But at present, no person can imagine a single day without hiring the car rental services in Dubai. They have developed as the travel rescue for each one of us.

Renting a car is not an option today. It has become a lifestyle option for those who love travel, but are not comfortable driving on their own. It is also a service for those who loathe driving for long hours. It has the following benefits that should be taken seriously:

Cost Efficiency: The first and foremost benefit of rent a car in Dubai is that you save a lot of money. Saving and expenses are also one of the main reasons why rent a car service was established. The rising cost of purchasing a vehicle has encouraged a number of people to opt for rented vehicles instead of owning one.

Saving Effort: Even if you love to drive your own one, sometimes you need to take the back seat and relax. Moreover, at times, the journey can be a long one and you cannot imagine driving those many kilometers. Another thing on your mind is that you wish to enjoy the scenic view passing by the window of your car. Car rental help you in chucking the ‘to drive or not to drive’ dilemma out. You can depend on the driver that you hire along with the rental package, to make your travel experience an enjoyable one.

Zero Insurance Expenditure: When you own a vehicle, you have to see to it that is insured against things like theft, depreciation, and accident. However, when you are renting a car, you don’t have to worry about applying for insurance. Obviously, since you don’t get the insurance done, you don’t have to worry about paying out the premiums. The provider of the rented car needs to insure the vehicle before he rents it out to anyone.

Looking at the above benefits, renting a car emerges as a clear winner over purchasing your own. If you are thinking about trying this travel option, the list clearly why you wish to opt for this experience. Once you have decided on the reason, look out for the best rental service providers nearest to your place. You will get a huge variety of cars from these companies which you can hire and enjoy your trip. Searching for rental cars that are in the vicinity will help you save some more money.

Thus, search a good company and contact them so that you aren’t disappointed in any way. Reliable companies always offer the best of services without any doubt.

Why Car Rental services are better than your own Car?

Having a car is quite common and almost all of us have the same. But when you have to compare that whether using your own car is better or the car rental service is better then its time to consider the pros and cons of both. When you do that you will be in the position to take the apt decision. If you live in Dubai and you have decided to go for a long trip with family. Now its time to think that you are going to use your own car or services of car rental Dubai! This is because if you use your own car then you have to get that services, fill up the fuel tank and also check the tires and all. But on the other hand if you rely on the car rental service then these things won’t be the matter to bother. This is because; the car rental services keep their vehicles in the very best condition. So, you can stay stress free in that regards.

On your way

When you are on your way, you will realize that there are many other localities as well as tourists on the road who have been using the car rental option. So, you will feel that you too have taken the right decision. Apart from this, the other reason why car rental in Dubai is popular is because the services are truly awesome and this benefits the end user. There are many services. But you must settle down for the one that has good reputation and reviews. This will help you in having a perfect journey.

Know about the terms and conditions

If you have some problem in your car and you are looking for the car rental service on daily basis for a few months then monthly car rental Dubai solution  will work for you. Just get in touch with the car rental company and learn about their terms and conditions. At the same time also let them know about your requirements and for the period till which you might need the service. By discussing these things, you will be in the condition to take the right action.

If you have decided to rent car in Dubai then you will have to think about the rates first. Inquire with a few companies and then settle down with the one which will help you get the best rates and perfect service too. A company that gives you promising services and has very good fleet of vehicles should be the one you need to choose.

In the times when you always want to be extra careful about your car, going with the big group for a long trip, it’s good to take the car on rent. This is because; you don’t have to worry much. The rentals are quite reasonable and so you will actually get the best deal. Try and see and find what is apt for you.

Car Rental Companies: Factors To Consider

Rented cars in Dubai are quite practical as compared to public transport. When you drive the vehicle, any destination or place can be reached in no time, and there is no need of waiting for the bus or booking tickets in advance.  The disadvantage to rent car in Dubai is the costs. However, a thorough knowledge about car rental can surely save half the costs and will help you a lot. Don’t waste money on high rental costs and follow these tips –

  1. The car must be ordered online

It goes without saying on the internet; you will find better discounts and basic rates, as compared to going there personally to book one. When you book online, various car rental companies in Dubai can be browsed and comparison can be done in terms of rates, vehicle quality and service. These comparisons can be obtained on a variety of travel websites too. In order to sustain competition, these websites offer a lot of packages, all at discounted rates.

  1. Weekend booking must be done

If the travel schedule is flexible, travelling on weekend is the best possible option. Businessmen usually carry out their businesses or travel out during week. Hence, the rates are very high on weekdays in comparison with weekends. For example, if a service costs $50 on weekdays, it will cost $25 on weekends.

  1. Smaller car must be picked up

If you really don’t need a big car, opt for a smaller one. Economy models have gained a lot of popularity and owing to this, sometimes there might be a shortage. The company would insist you to take a bigger one, but be firm on your decision and opt for a compact one only. Sometimes what happens is that the car rental provider might upgrade to a bigger car at the same price of a smaller one.

  1. Keep a check on extra and hidden costs

When you find that the price of the car rental provider is extremely low, you must be very careful because the prices might be misleading. Various extra costs would be charged such as insurance, taxes and others. Check hidden costs and usually, this you will find on the reservation page. Sometimes, you will get a shock when the hidden costs are twice the cost of the base fare.

  1. The insurance page must be skipped

Travel insurance is surely a good idea, but it is helpful only if people are going on the long trip. Majority of the times, there is no need of accepting insurance agreement. There are great chances that your own credit card company or auto insurance policy offers collision coverage and this is similar to what the rental company offers. Usually, the insurance that the car companies provide is expensive and those add-ons are unnecessary, which in turn cause a lot of loss for the customer. So think all this very wisely and only after that finalize on a particular option.