7 Smart Tips to Save Money on Your Overseas Trip

Raise your hands if you are the one who loves travelling. But, money is the biggest barrier between you and your passion. Of course, travel in abroad is an expensive venture that is just like unobtainable goal for a common man. Well, don’t be upset because it is difficult to plan a trip under the budget but not impossible. So, you can save money on your travel. Surprised? How can you do this? It is very simple, just need to consider few tips.

Here are 10 simple intelligent tips that will help you to keep your savings in pocket.

  1. Determine the destination-

It is better that you make a perfect plan and work according to it. Do proper research about the city and make a list of destination, which you want to explore. It will save you from any confusing situation and you can easily plan your schedule.

  1. Wisely book airfare-

Book your flight tickets 50-100 days before the date of your trip. The cost of airfare varies day by day of the week and high in the weekends. So, it is good that you arrange your tickets in advance.

  1. Use the right plastic card-

If you use the wrong card to pay bills in foreign country, then you will pay extra transaction fee on every swipe. So, make sure that you bring the credit card of bank that allows you to use it to use anywhere, without cutting extra amount.

  1. Do research for accommodation-

Hotels can break your bank and it is the one of biggest expenses of trip. You can choose guest house or rental properties as a different option. These places will cost less and give you a comfortable place to stay.

  1. Use car rentals-

Hire or rent a car during travel is the best option as compared to using taxi services. Taxi services cut extra charges for waiting and it is little exhausting to travel in a taxi.

Car leasing Dubai can give you a relief, and you are free to go anywhere. Also, it allows you to take as much time as you want at any place. You can also get special offer which are providing these companies.

You can search many companies, which offer car rental in Dubai and hire them for a better trip. These companies also have some rental requirements which must be fulfilled by you during car rental.

  1. Avoid to shop more-

At the new place, you will definitely find a number of attractive products. But, you have to control yourself from shop useless. It can spoil your set budget. So, it is best that delete shopping from your list.

  1. Take advantage of Facebook-

This is the time where social media can do a big help. Just follow travel page to get updates of attractive travel offers and updates. All these pages can help you to snatch up the big discounts.

Apart from all these 7 points, just follow locals. Do as they do, it will help you to save money and give a chance to get up close with a city.

So, whenever you plan your next overseas trips, go with all these simple hacks and save a big amount of money on travel.

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